5 Things to Do While You Wait for Your Prescription

Trapped. That’s how I feel when I’m sitting in line at the pharmacy, waiting for a prescription. There’s no one in line when you pull up, and you think, ‘Wow, I might actually get out of here before my youngest child graduates from high school.’ Even pulling up to the window gives you hope because the scrub-wearing staff member is holding the tin can-sounding phone that makes you think you might be next.

But, then, it happens.

After telling you they’ll be right with you, your wait begins. So, I’ve devised a list of things you can do to pass the time while you’re waiting for the sweet relief of death or for your prescription to be ready.


1. Shop online. Maybe if you order your prescription online it will get here faster.

2. Catch up on all the texts you’ve ignored…nah, maybe tomorrow.

3. Gather up all of the trash in your car. Find all of the lost cheerios, discarded sippy cups, crushed styrofoam Sonic cups, stray socks, sticky-paged books and Barbie shoes, and put them all into a grocery sack you will throw away as soon as you get home. Oh, you don’t have a grocery sack? Just put the trash back where it was.

4. Play the license plate game. As other cars in the second lane of the pharmacy drive thru come and go with their prescriptions, see what exotic places they might be going to or hailing from. It could be somewhere exciting like Oklahoma.

5. Look for shapes in the clouds. Relive your childhood days by finding hidden gems in white, fluffy clouds. There’s a dog chasing a cat. There’s a race car. Oh, wait, that looks like your car. And it’s waiting in line at the pharmacy. Well, forget this.


How To Keep Your Kids From Getting Sick

There’s nothing worse than being awakened by a still small voice saying, “Mommy, I don’t feel good.” Mostly because that voice is usually followed by a projectile body fluid and days of soggy tissues, stain remover and sleeplessness.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Follow these helpful tips, and you too can avoid certain couch fabric destruction.

1. Stay On High Alert

Peruse Facebook and other social media outlets for signs that kids in your area are fighting a “bug.” Contact your local health department and find out if any of those previously-eradicated diseases have come to your area. Sign up for health alerts from all of the 24-hour news networks, just in case there’s another outbreak of SARS (hey, it could happen).

2. Seal the Perimeter

Put all socializing and interacting with people on immediate lockdown. No children in and no children out. Germs can’t hitch a ride on Johnny’s dripping nose if Johnny’s not allowed inside your home.

3. Sanitize Everything

If you must leave the house, make sure germs cannot breach the perimeter. Use as many cart wipes as it takes to assure yourself that all of the germs leftover from the man with the hacking cough have been terminated. And make hand sanitizer available at all times—belt clip, keychain, cup holder, bathroom sink, kitchen table, tree house.

4. Never Touch Surfaces With Your Bare Hand

Bathroom door handles, toilet flushers, plastic utensils in an open cup and elevator buttons can all be handled safely with an extra paper towel or an extended shirt sleeve.

5. Realize Your Efforts are Futile

Once you have done everything humanly possible to create a germ-free environment, you will realize that those little germ carriers you call children will inevitably lick the shopping cart handle before you’ve sanitized it, drop their toothbrush in the toilet and continue using it and share a lollipop with the kid at the doctor’s office.

Just take a deep breath…and hold it. You don’t want to get sick, too.